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Heart of Texas Flooring is hailed throughout the community as the provider of the most custom flooring options possible, and we work hard to maintain that stellar reputation. We employ a team of ceramic tile contractors at our company so that we can provide specialized tile design and installation to each of our valued customers.

Whether you are looking to put tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home, the perks of having this long-lasting flooring option are unlimited! Our ceramic tile dealers will make sure that you have the product most beneficial for your unique needs. The extensive list of general benefits of tile flooring includes but is not limited to:

• Water Resistance—Spill water or any other liquids on carpet or wood and it is likely to cause a blemish. Tile flooring is water resistant!

• Ease of Cleaning—There is no need to get spray bottles and damp towels anymore; with tile, simply use a paper towel to wipe away any messes.

• Low Electricity Costs—Tile stays cold during the hot Texas summers, so there is no reason to keep that AC running all day. When you install tile, feel free to walk around barefoot and soak up the cool temperature radiating from the floors.

• Custom Design—Our skilled technicians are able to lay your tile in any pattern to create a custom design within your home!

If you already have tile in your home but it needs some fixing up, we have you covered. With our huge inventory of tile and our valuable contacts in the flooring industry, we are sure to be able to find tile pieces to repair your existing squares. We want to make sure your home looks its best without you breaking the bank, so we aim to repair tile rather than replacing it whenever it is possible.

For the best ceramic tile sales in Brownwood, TX, look no further than Heart of Texas Flooring! Give us a call today to learn more about out fantastic options or available services.